If Yahoo were a person, it would be a late-forties dwelling in a mid-western city of 500,000 or so people, Starbucks drinking, Gap™ or Talbot's™ shoppping, trend watching fellow/gal — picking and choosing a carefully manicured appearance that is neither outlandish or fashionable but abjectly neutral and banal.


Church on Sunday's, only cursing when they stub their toe, with 2.5 kids (literally, 1 kid has been sawed in half just to make the statistic apply) with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, working a 9 to 5 and overflowing with acquaintances. But deep down identity-less, aimless and living one day after another without being anything but lukewarm.


Yahoo doesn't seem to be able to decide if its a "search engine", a news site, or a portal for everything imaginable. The icon system is varied, too complex (for their relative size). The images are inconsistent in size and scale, as are the text sizes. The hierarchy feels somewhat muddled and overly bland (using AJAX as a gimmick, more than an helpful tool).


And what don't I like about the site? The header. Again, a header that seems a thrown on after thought (though, I can't say that I have much room to talk) ... it seems like the idea was to hit every corner of the header and leave the "middle" for the logo and search; but the outcome makes ones eyes feel trapped. Yahoo doesn't so much hate you, as it does feel that you (the "average" user) isn't sophisticated enough to find what you need without blinking arrows, shiny buttons and a glut of information.